Just what is it with Dicko?

I got a text from Simon last week to say that Dicko had now gone on loan to Walsall (sorry I didn’t reply, I did mean to). That’s the third time he’s signed for a new club in the summer, only to be farmed out on loan in a matter of months.

The funny thing is that his moves don’t necessarily mean he’s been outed as crap, just that his managers don’t want him. He came to the Rams in the Championship, didn’t get near the team yet scored for fun in the same division with Blackpool (but there again, in the

"Hello, my name's Liam and I cost about as much as Bailey and Brayford. God bless Paul Jewell"

world of Championship reserve strikers, who hasn’t been reborn at Blackpool – hello DJ Campbell, Luke Varney and Scott Dobbie). He eventually moved down a division to  Brighton but soon moved up again on loan to Peterborough. Despite being unwanted by Brighton, he secured himself a move up again to Barnsley. His annual transfers are becoming so common that Vince Cable is thinking of introducing a cap on his annual bonus.

Could his latest move to Walsall be the nail in the coffin though? Just as a move to the Premier League leads a player to think “I’ve made it”, a move to Walsall is often a marker to say “ok, it’s over” (Michael Ricketts, Stefan Moore, Jon Macken, Boets and Craig Burley immediately spring to mind).

The twist in the plot is that Walsall are now managed by Chris Hutchings, the man who got Dicko as close to the Rams team as he ever got after recalling him from Blackpool (or was it Huddersfield) to put him on the bench against Forest Green. Is Hutchings the man to finally unleash Dicko’s potential or will he end the season at Kidderminster? Watch this space.


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  1. And he’s on the move again! According to his increasingly lengthy Wikipedia page he only managed 4 appearances (no goals) for Walsall and now he’s off to Rochdale “for the remainder of the season” – but where to next?! Place your bets…

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