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Nigel to meet old friend?

Swindon or Crawley might not have captured the imagination of many Rams fans when the FA Cup draw was made on Sunday but it immediately brought to  mind a quote from Nigel Clough last season.

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Post Match Thoughts – Burnley

I’ve waited 24 hours to avoid a bitter four letter tirade against Mears and Laws (for the record, neither did anything particularly offensive yesterday, I just hate them both). But if you can bear to remind yourself of yesterday’s gutting defeat at Burnley, here’s my thoughts. Read the rest of this entry

Brayford accosted by crank in Ilkeston!

This week, The Rams have been doing some promotional work at branches of the Derbyshire Building Society which has included appearances by players. Around three o’clock this afternoon, John Brayford was innocently standing around on Bath Street in Ilkeston, when an man in his 30s left his office Usain Bolt style to point out where the nearest branch of the Derbyshire was.

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The View From The Afternoon

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for nearly a week now but haven’t had chance to get online. However last week I did something DCFC related, that I haven’t done for a good few years, that is take in a reserve game.    Read the rest of this entry

From the papers…

A few bits and pieces from today’s paper:

1) Seeing that Giles Barnes has been playing in the Premier League has made me wonder if we should have hung on in there. However, this snippet from the Observer suggests that we’d still be hanging: Read the rest of this entry

Don’t be so Silly!

Billy Davies has been spouting off in the media all week. Amongst his usual complaints, he’s also given us a few gems. This is my top three:

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Rams Goalkeeper Poll

Here’s our first attempt at using the poll feature. I’ll try and make this prettier as we go along.

Ipswich – Pre Match Thoughts

Hot on the heels of Saturdays glory, the super ‘top 4’ Rams are in action again tomorrow at Ipswich. Here’s a preview of what we can expect from the opposition from my Ipswich mate, Ollie. Read the rest of this entry

Never felt more like singing the blues…

…when Derby win and Forest get yet another draw, coincidently against a team we’ve recently battered, and Silly starts his post match whingeing. In the game of Billy’s Bullshit Bingo, the phrase “stellar-signings” has featured heavily this season. After Forest’s most recent stalemate Davies was at it again, claiming “if you want to be a top-six side in the Championship, you have to, in my opinion, bring in stellar signings”.

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Just what is it with Dicko?

I got a text from Simon last week to say that Dicko had now gone on loan to Walsall (sorry I didn’t reply, I did mean to). That’s the third time he’s signed for a new club in the summer, only to be farmed out on loan in a matter of months.

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