Watford – Post Match Thoughts

Another Saturday home game, another hammering dished out. Its great to be a Derby fan at the moment and when was the last time you thought that?

Here’s my thoughts on yesterdays stinging of the Hornets (sorry).

  • Before yesterday, Watford had the best away record in the Championship and have been top 6 almost all season. Make no mistake, this was a massively impressive performance and result.
  • It’s true we had a couple of bits of luck that went our way (Cwyka’s first goal, Leacock’s Yellow which could have been Red) at key points. However you make your own luck with your mentality (witness the horrific “luck” we’ve had over the last 2 years of losing mentality). Watford are no mugs and, similar to Donny, after a ten minute wobble, we stormed back and just blew them away.
  • I love Jonny Brayford and his goal was awesome, but weirdly I thought he had one of his poorer games and he dropped Bailey in the soup more than once with dodgy passes inside.
  • Conversely, I’m not a massive Leacock fan but he had one of his best games ever for Derby and was most people’s MOM. His timing of several tackles on the edge of our box was fantastic and he hit two or three 50/60 yard cross field passes (not normally his strong point) which were on a rail.
  • Its been pointed out, but worth another shout. Brayford’s goal yesterday meant every outfield Derby 1st team player has now scored this season.
  • Commons was a bit quiet yesterday in an attacking sense but noticeably put in a serious shift to help out Moxey when Watford pressed on. Good Effort.
  • Watford became the first team to successfully kick Bueno out the game. After a couple of obvious nibbles early on, the one that got him was pretty innocuous. Lets hope he’s ok.
  • Although he’d never show it our say it, I bet Nigel is loving ramming the last 18 months on garbage he’s took off the wrist slashers back down their throat.
  • I really hope we don’t choke in front of the cameras next week, because if we put Pompey to the sword, we’re proper contenders and everyone will know it.

C Spaceram


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  1. i’m already excited for next saturday. that has not happened since our first year back in the top flight under jim smith. never mind nige saying “i told u so” to the wrist slashers i’m loving ramming it down the florist boy traps, they are ever so huffy right now!

    lets hope we don’t choke on sky next week like we always seem to. a good performance will really make people take note. also on a side note manish did not seem happy with our winning ways on last nights football league show. even managed to have a dig at our away form right at the end of the piece. at least we were first and i could stop watching that dross!

    roll on pompey! SUPER SUPER RAMS!

    • I think Manish is a Leicester fan, lets hope him and Claridge have good cause to be miserable in a couple of weeks!

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