Claude Davis – just gets worse

A reader, Phil, sent us an extract from the Evening Standard about our old pal Claude Davis:

“Claude Davis’s crime sheet is a blot on the Crystal Palace image…..

Crystal Palace get so much right image-wise with their promotion of young, homegrown players but they have let themselves down badly over one-man disaster area Claude Davis, who last weekend was sent off for the third time in his past 12 appearances.

The 31-year-old Jamaican central defender committed another ugly challenge

Clod - delicately poised to decapitate an opponent

against Millwall on Saturday and was rightly given his marching orders.
Yet, instead of reading the riot act, Palace boss George Burley, hinted at an appeal. One look at victim Chris Hackett’s swollen mouth, cheek and eye after the game highlighted just how ridiculous one would have been.

Davis has previous. His crime sheet during his brief Palace career also includes a retrospective three-match ban for hitting Roger Johnson in the throat.

And Burley should not be proud of his latest comment. He said: “We didn’t appeal. I don’t think it was intentional but we risked losing him for another game if we appeal.”

Davis will serve a four-game ban for his latest indiscretion. He’s lucky it isn’t longer.”

It seems that Clod has added a nasty streak to his game. When he was a Ram, I can’t remember him getting close enough to an opponent to commit GBH, nor summon up enough aggression.

Using the analogy of a charge sheet, I was going to add his shocking error against us this season (his Palace charge sheet that is) but looking at his football faux pas’, the article might never end.

(Thanks to Phil for the above)

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