…and five more

Here’s five already good players who would have been immense in The Rams’ new formation:

1) George Williams – would have been perfect in front of the defence, making tackles and playing it simple. Still had a great career but wouldn’t have had to worry about his lack of goals.

2) Georgi Kinkladze – Would no longer be a “luxury” or “home” player but have people permanently employed to do the work that wasn’t his bag. This would also apply to Asanovic.

3) Stefano Eranio – Despite being voted the Rams best right-winger of all time, I never felt Eranio ever quite found a permanent position, having played right-back, right wing-back,

A prize if you know who we're playing here...apparently its CSKA Moscow in 1999

centre-midfield and right wing. Eranio would have excelled either in the back two or front three as long as he was excused from the pitched battle in the middle.

4) Tom Huddlestone – liked to play too much for a defender but a nose-bleed merchant on the attack (when a Ram, which to be fair, was shortly after puberty for him). Would be perfect in the modern (spit!) “quarterback” role.

5) Francesco Baiano – Had one great season for the Rams and then faded away. With the ball on the floor and colleagues around him, he was great. Would have been immense in the front three.



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  1. Add Marcus Tudgay to that list – he would be the perfect front man in our new system.

  2. Idiakez is another one who would have excelled.

    All the free kicks we get around the box playing the tricky threesome up front (Commons, Bueno and Cwyka) plus an old hand at winning free kicks from nothing (Shefki)

    Plus his passing was always pretty sweet from midfield

    • Good point about the free kicks, we seem to get loads nowadays. Its a shame we haven’t got someone who can score them. Radio Derby often refer to “Kris Commons” territory but I don’t think he’s scored one since Blackpool away under Jagger (although I might be wrong) and even Sterjovski scored in that match!

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