They could have been heroes (or zeros)

Over the past few weeks, my brother and I have spent the odd idle moment thinking of players from a bygone era who would have either excelled in The Rams’ new formation or been completely lost. With the international break with us, it seemed a good time to share a few:

5 rubbish Rams who could have been good:

Brian O’Neil – No one saw much of O’Neil but he was generally a deep lying midfielder who brought very little to the party…until Silly signed him for Preston and his negativity became an asset. Would have been perfect as a sitting midfielder.

Simo Valakari – Very keen on a short tidy ball, less keen on the action-man role required at the time. As above, would have been perfect in the sitting role, making short passes to creative players.

Lars Bohinen – A terrible player for the Rams. Would have been quite effective in the front three where he could do the creative bits without having to bother chasing and tackling.

Nacer Barazite – Was by no means rubbish but wasn’t quite a winger and certainly not a

"...must not cross the halfway line...I must not cross the halfway line"

striker or central midfielder. Slot him in the front three.

Bob Malcolm – Could one of our worst signings ever have made a Rams career as a deep midfielder? Possibly.

5 good players who would have been rubbish:

Daryll Powell – Some may argue he wasn’t good in the first place but he did play a lot of games in the Premiership during the Rams good times. What isn’t in doubt is that he would have been shocking in either of our current midfield berths.

Dean Sturridge – First sentence as above adding – “he scored a lot of goals for us”. Would have been a rubbish target man and didn’t have the craft for the support striker.

Nigel Callaghan – Great winger, would have been lost to be far from the touchline.

"Where's a six foot side-kick when you need one"

Craig Burley – When fit, a marathon man who wouldn’t have held but had no noticeable attacking flair.

Trevor Hebbard – One of my brothers suggestions for some of the same reasons as Burley. Hebberd did a great job but was happy to be neither too far forward or on George Williams toes.

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