Middlesbrough Post match thoughts

Whilst there is a strong argument (and temptation) to cut and paste my Palace post match thoughts here, lets give the Rams second Champagne Supernova performance in 4 days the respect it deserves.

Herewith my thoughts :-

  • The mutual feel good factor between the fans and players was really evident last night. Even though half way through the first half, everything was pointing to ‘one of those nights’, the players didn’t ever seem to think that and thus the fans really got behind them and the players in turn fed off that. Some of the football last

    "Ok Gordon, for your 442 tactics column this month, we'd like 500 words on how to deal with Derby's new formation...Gordon...Hello...Gordon..."

    night was superb. Boro undoubtably have a couple of good individuals (for the record we thought Lita was their best player) but we passed them off the pitch and got behind them time and again. Simon’s astute half time comment of “Boro look like us under Jagger” was spot on.

  • I’ve been banging on for ages that the Rams have not had a hero player for years (note the number of fans who now have their own name on their shirt). Now we all of a sudden have two. Bueno is utter class and you literally can’t follow the ball on occasion when he has it, his backheel inside in the second half was sublime. As for Kuqi, he’s what cult hero footballers are all about and the fans are lapping up his 110% mental passion, all action style.
  • When we saw Brayford was at centre half we all thought we’d miss his attacking threat down the right wing. Obviously no-one told him that and his regular runs down the middle caused mayhem in the Boro midfield. His passing was quality and he probably shaded Barker in dealing with the tricky Boyd and Lita. Absolute quality.
  • Talking of Barker, he obviously read my post Palace column. After all the misses, his header was a proper thumper and was a key point in the game. Do you think it will work if I say Luke Moore could do with a hat trick?
  • I’ve got to mention Commons two goals. His penalty was awful and he was starting to attract some minor stick in the first half, but his two goals were pure class. We were right behind both and the way he just passed them into the top corner was fit for any level of football.
  • It will be really interesting now how we take these two results into the Swansea game. A win there and things will really be starting to get interesting.

C Spaceram


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