Palace Post Match Thoughts

Regardless of the circumstances and the opposition, it was fantastic to see Derby properly smash someone up for the first time in ages. It was even nicer to go home without feeling completely depressed and questioning everything from team selection to why Greggs aren’t allowed to open on matchdays when there’s such a serious pastry shortage in the stadium. 

Here’s some thoughts on Saturdays football fiesta.

  • Lets not get too carried away with Bueno just yet, but his vision and, most impressively, the way he finished his two goals showed that he is technically a class above any other player we have. If he can take the inevitable hits that are coming his way, he could be a real star for the Rams – and when was the last time we had one of those?

    The Matador has killed the (pit)bull

  • Bueno was rightly given MOM, but John Brayford was a close second. Harshly punished for his minor slip at Barnsley, he was sensational on Saturday and ran Edgar Davids ragged at the end of the 1st half. He’s been quality all season and seems to be getting better.
  • Talking of Davids, I’m really glad he played. Nice to see a genuine world star at Pride Park and although he blatantly tried to ‘do’ Bueno, me and sspaceram gave him a little ripple when he went off. 
  • Restored to the team, Savage seemed to be noticeably concentrating on destroying and letting Bailey do the passing. He won more ball than he’s done all season and Bailey’s superb range of passing got a full showcase as the game became more stretched.
  • Rob Hulse is a fantastic penalty box striker. However have you ever seen him put in such a shift as Kuqi did on Saturday?
  • Barker owes us a goal. He’s missed a couple on the road of late but his miss on Saturday was inexplicable. Middlesbrough on Tuesday would be a good time to put that right.
  • If we deliver more of the same against Middlesbrough, I think Strachan may walk or be sacked. If ever there was an incentive…..

C Spaceram

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  1. Good point about Strachan – pretty much bang on 12 months since Southgate got the boot for only being 2nd in the table and putting a meager two past us at the Riverside, isn’t it. Let’s see if history (sorta) repeats itself in a bizarre, twitsed way.

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