Bywater for Turner Prize?

In a season where The Rams are unlikely to pick up any silverware, it seems like two of our players are chasing prizes in the Arts world. Firstly we have Robbie Savage’s literary efforts that will no doubt gain a few award nominations…and then we have Stephen Bywater’s unlikely foray into the world of modern art.

For those of you who have only looked at the sports pages of todays Derby Telegraph, you may have missed the lead story from the main paper:

You can read the story for yourself. I was interested by the official club comments of

The Tate Modern national tour arrives at Stephen Bywater's front garden

“Derby County does not condone and completely disassociates itself with this type of behaviour.This is not the type of conduct we expect from one of our employees.”

The clubs comments can be interpreted in one of two ways: 1) The club is fundamentally opposed to modern art, or more specifically, Stephen Bywater’s attempts at it. 2) The club does not believe that Bywater is telling the truth about it being art.

Ramspace had had whispers on this story a few weeks ago and it seems that Bywater’s art installation did coincide with the failure to reach an agreement on some neighbouring land. However, goalkeepers and artists are both famed for sharing the same “mad” gene that makes them what they are – so maybe Bywater has got a double dose. Not content with being a David James style caricature portrait artist, Bywater is going for the full Tracy Emin. We’d like to believe the latter is true.

Unfortunately for Bywater, I’ve just checked and nominations for the 2010 Turner Prize are now closed. He’ll just have to concentrate on clean sheets for the time being.

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