Looking at the line-up’s

Here’s a few random observations after looking through the line-up’s in Sunday’s paper:

1) We started last season with Teale and Croft as our first choice wingers – they were both League One subs yesterday (Croft has been all season. If he’s gone to Huddersfield to rebuild his confidence, he can’t be making much progress).

2) In our search for striker, League One might be fertile ground. Tuggy would be perfect for the new system and Sheff. Wed were staring at administration only a fortnight ago. McLean or Mackail-Smith from Peterborough would also do the trick. On the subject of strikers with a double-barrelled name of which one is Smith, I wonder if we’ll go back for Amari Morgan-Smith at Ilkeston? Apparently we weren’t keen on paying a fee but since Ilkeston Town have been wound-up, all the players have been released.

3) Still in League One. Arnaud Mendy is playing regularly for Tranmere. Any 20 year old playing week in, week out in League One would probably be on our radar, so could he follow Pringle in graduating from the “development squad”? (or will he just get released

Dicko and Stan. Poster boys of the Jagger era.

and stay there).

4) Finally, seeing Liam Dickinson’s name on the teamsheet brought to mind how things have changed in two years, Can you imagine us now paying £750k for a striker (or indeed anyone) and never, ever playing him? It makes me smile when I hear Adam “austerity” Pearson lecturing about sensible financial management when you think of some of the waste during the Jagger era.


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  1. hhhmm, our players come from the lower leagues, and return to the lower leagues after us! Says it all really.

    The line about Dicko really depressed me, imagine what Clough could do with 750k (that’s pretty much a Barker, or Brayford + Bailey). Jeysuz….

    • “…our players come from the lower leagues, and return to the lower leagues after us!”
      I’ve thought of doing a whole article on that very theme but never got round to it. It’s very rare over the past decade that players have joined a better club than us (i.e. moved to a higher division or sold at big profit to someone with ambition). Giving it a few seconds thought, I can only think of Huddlestone although there must be some others. Players generally join us on a downwards trajectory and continue on (95% of Silly’s signings are good examples). At least with Clough’s “young and hungry” policy, we might be able to reverse the trend a bit.

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