Beattie joins Rams…oops sorry it’s Kuqi

There were a lot of text messages pinging around today regarding Derby’s acquisition of a new loan striker. Here’s how it went…

Message received this morning  “DET says new striker coming on 3 month loan from Championship team today”.

Lunch time exchange: “Craig Beattie from Swansea” “Not sure if he’s any good or not,

Don't try this at home kids

similar to Porter I think but haven’t seen much of him…could ask the Arch [Swansea fan]”

After consulting the Arch: “His initial reaction was good player, bit fat and always injured!”, “Comparisons with Porter not far off the mark then!” [not that Porter is fat, just never match fit]

I then consulted yesterdays Observer to see that Beattie was not even on the bench for Swansea yesterday. Ten minutes later – “It’s Shefki Kuqi!!!!” and then from someone else “Shefki Kuqi for fucks sake”.

I replied to the latter with “don’t worry, he’ll be doing a belly flop at the KC tomorrow night”, to which I received the swift reply “More likely he’ll have a bellyful of KFC on the way up!”

On the bright side, Kuqi could be the man to score some of the “ugly” goals we need and he’s no stranger to ploughing a lone furrow after his stint at Swansea last season. He’s also not averse to roughing up opposing defenders either, which I’m sure the likes of Commons, Cywka and Bueno will appreciate!

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