The subject of money, spending, investment etc. is never far away from the Rams and has again been a common talking point during the recent transfer window. Over spending is the accepted norm for the vast majority of football clubs and indeed an expectation from even the most rational of fans. Only last season I remember seeing a Rams article where the writer bemoaned that our “billionaire owners wouldn’t pay for a Fulham reserve full-back [Freddie Stoor]” (or words to the effect). Turn the comment on its head and the fact is that even seemingly level-headed fans expect the club to go over budget on a temporary full-back in a season we were clearly going neither up nor down. The crazy world of football, eh?

I could go on but rather than bore you, I thought I’d point out an article on the BBC about our good friends and neighbours down the road. . Click Here to read it. In summary, Forest’s owner has been regularly subbing them £5m a year for a decade rising to £13.4m

Billy Davies - August 31st 6.01pm

last season. It just goes to show what a financial black hole football is (as if we didn’t know). I’m sure even an ardent Red Dog would admit it hasn’t exactly yielded success by any standards.

And the thanks he gets? The owner and chief exec are currently refusing to do interviews because of the amount of abuse they’ve had from the fans.


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  1. For “Championship finances part two” have a look at Paul Fletcher’s blog piece about Preston on the BBC website – “Back from the brink”. I’d put a link but I can’t work out how to so go to the Championship page and look for “Features and comments”

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