Rob Hulse – wait and see

At the time of writing, Rob Hulse’s move to QPR still hasn’t been confirmed by the Football League. But if it hasn’t, the chances are he’ll go on loan anyway and sort the details out in January. The transfer window doesn’t really matter to Championship clubs, unless selling to the Premier League. We can bring in players as and when under the loan system, even if its a planned permanent move (as we’ve done with Varney and Martin).

Speaking to my brother this morning, he said that Radio Derby had mentioned a possible protest by fans. This immediately brought to mind the sale of Rasiak a few years ago. I

"oooooooohhhh my back!"

went to Crewe a few days later to be given a protest leaflet by the Rams Trust, which among other things cited the fact that Rasiak had gone and we were now unable to bring new players in after the window had shut. We soon brought 5 or 6 loan signings in who weren’t exactly a success but nevertheless, reinforcements arrived (I wouldn’t mind Whittingham or El Hamdaoui now and we must be the only club Stern John hasn’t scored for). The moral of the story being that we can only make a true judgement of the Hulse sale when we see who, if anyone, else joins and how good Bueno is.

At the start of the season, Clough said he was happy with Hulse and Porter as the two players competing for the solo striking role. Five games in and its clear that we can’t guarantee either will be fit for any period of time, so the situation has to change. My brother compared it to the Jay Mac exit in the sense of Clough not being entirely happy with the left-back situation. The only solution is to do something decisive, if seemingly harsh.

Clough also commented that the new striker had to be better than Moxey and he had a point. Although, as Clough also said, Moxey won’t play 40 games, he did give some clues about the kind of striker we might want. Although he didn’t have the strikers instinct of Porter or Hulse, he did show more pace and energy which created plenty of situations in his two matches. There will be matches this season when the lone striker will have to “put a shift in”, working the channels and chasing down defenders – something Porter and Hulse struggle with for 90 minutes with their seemingly endless 80% fitness.

Due to the international break, we don’t even have a match before the loan window re-opens. So, lets see what happens. A fully fit striker would be progress.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more. People may not be happy with the board but if Nigel Clough is making good financial and team decisions they should give it time. We are playing good football and Nigel’s signings have so far looked some of the best players in the team.

    • Thanks Sam. Two things could have undermined my post – the first is that Hulse didn’t go; the second that we didn’t bring anyone in. I read today that Hulse had definitely gone so that’s a start. Then I read Nigel’s comments of “..We have targets in the centre forward position we will be looking to bring in when the emergency window re-opens in a week’s time…If we get the targets we want they, will certainly improve us”. Roll on Sheffield Utd.!

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