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Middlesbrough Post match thoughts

Whilst there is a strong argument (and temptation) to cut and paste my Palace post match thoughts here, lets give the Rams second Champagne Supernova performance in 4 days the respect it deserves.

Herewith my thoughts :- Read the rest of this entry


Palace Post Match Thoughts

Regardless of the circumstances and the opposition, it was fantastic to see Derby properly smash someone up for the first time in ages. It was even nicer to go home without feeling completely depressed and questioning everything from team selection to why Greggs aren’t allowed to open on matchdays when there’s such a serious pastry shortage in the stadium. 

Here’s some thoughts on Saturdays football fiesta.
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Bywater for Turner Prize?

In a season where The Rams are unlikely to pick up any silverware, it seems like two of our players are chasing prizes in the Arts world. Firstly we have Robbie Savage’s literary efforts that will no doubt gain a few award nominations…and then we have Stephen Bywater’s unlikely foray into the world of modern art. Read the rest of this entry

Looking at the line-up’s

Here’s a few random observations after looking through the line-up’s in Sunday’s paper:

1) We started last season with Teale and Croft as our first choice wingers – they were both League One subs yesterday (Croft has been all season. If he’s gone to Huddersfield to rebuild his confidence, he can’t be making much progress). Read the rest of this entry

New Boy – Shefki Kuqi

Heres the low down on our new bo Shefki Kuqi from my Ipswich mate Ollie and my Swansea mate Brian. Read the rest of this entry

Beattie joins Rams…oops sorry it’s Kuqi

There were a lot of text messages pinging around today regarding Derby’s acquisition of a new loan striker. Here’s how it went… Read the rest of this entry

Sheffield Utd Post Match Thoughts

For the first time since the Leeds game, Derby got what they deserved; which, on this occasion, was unfortunately nothing. Here’s my post match thoughts from Saturdays debacle. Read the rest of this entry


The subject of money, spending, investment etc. is never far away from the Rams and has again been a common talking point during the recent transfer window. Over spending is the accepted norm for the vast majority of football clubs and indeed an expectation from even the most rational of fans. Only last season I remember seeing a Rams article where the writer bemoaned that our “billionaire owners wouldn’t pay for a Fulham reserve full-back [Freddie Stoor]” (or words to the effect). Turn the comment on its head and the fact is that even seemingly level-headed fans expect the club to go over budget on a temporary full-back in a season we were clearly going neither up nor down. The crazy world of football, eh?

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Rob Hulse – wait and see

At the time of writing, Rob Hulse’s move to QPR still hasn’t been confirmed by the Football League. But if it hasn’t, the chances are he’ll go on loan anyway and sort the details out in January. The transfer window doesn’t really matter to Championship clubs, unless selling to the Premier League. We can bring in players as and when under the loan system, even if its a planned permanent move (as we’ve done with Varney and Martin). Read the rest of this entry