Ground Control to Major Tom

I can’t remember being more gutted and frustrated after a game than after Saturdays defeat to Coventry. Having passed them off the pitch and created enough chances to win the game comfortably, we were undone by percentage football and, to be fair,  some rank bad defending. Now I know how Arsenal fans must feel after getting mugged at Stoke, Bolton etc.

Since the defeat, there’s been a fair bit of noise around in respect of our squad size and the perceived lack of investment by the board. Dean Moxey’s up front cameo, three defeats on the spin and the fact that the transfer window is about to shut clearly are building supporter unrest to a crescendo.

Whilst you are always going to get the odd muppet who is going to criticise the manager when you lose, my opinion is that Nigel is doing a pretty good job. This new formation and passing style of football is great to watch and does seem to be effective. It’s also totally different to what anybody else in the Championship is doing.

As ever, his work in the Transfer market has been faultless this summer. Brayford in particular looks outstanding and Bailey and Cywka also look quality. Which begs the question, why aren’t we now backing him, even a little bit?

Regular readers of our stuff will now that, by and large, we think the Americans have done a good job at DCFC and we certainly don’t want anymore Claudes thankyou. However the case for the prosecution is building to the point that we either need a signing or a statement now. Here’s why.

  • DCFC widely regarded as biggest and best supported club outside of the Premier League.
  • DCFC commercial operations widely regarded to be in best health for years. 
  • Tom Glick states we are the one of the most financially secure clubs in the Championship
  • Tom Glick said we had funds to make a signing of Shaun Barker proportions or more.
  • We now seemly can’t sign anyone until Varney and/or Hulse move on – even Loans.
  • Ross McCormack was signed by Cardiff for £110k from Motherwell but is apparently out of our league. No such problems for Leeds, Hull and Ipswich.
  • Billy Sharp was a stated target. Signs for Doncaster £1.1m who the week prior said they couldn’t compete with Derby for Roberts wages!??!
  • Cardiff who were seemly in financial meltdown, refuse £3.5m bid for Chopra then sign Koumas and Olofinjana from the Premier League. That was before Bellamy, which is probably a special case.
  • Bristol City, who have not been anywhere near the Premier League ever, sign David James then £1.5m of strikers in one day (including another Rams target Brett Pittman).    

If there is no significant movement this week and we lose to QPR on Saturday (not out of the question as they’re top of the league), then things could start to get nasty. Which would be a real shame after the positive and promising displays our depleted young team have put on this season thus far.

So come on Tom, tell us there are funds, make some deals happen or tell us why you can’t. 

One things for sure, I bet Peter Gadsby is lapping it up.


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  1. You forgot to mention that Nigel left the game early to go and scout 2 players at the Notts County vs Dagenham & Redbridge…pretty much summing up the market he’s being forced/allowed to shop in. Not necessarily a bad thing given that all his lower league buys have looked sound – but a statement of intent from the board would be good right now

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