Three post-Coventry texts

The Coventry result was a real disappointment and no doubt raised a few debates between football purists and pragmatists. I received three post-match texts (not all from Rams fans) all on a familiar theme:

“Well based on that, you wouldn’t want to be a Cov fan and watch that shit”

“Hated that. Also hated Dion Dublin bigging up Boothroyd’s percentage football. Pair of… [you can guess]”

“Cov looked typical Boothroyd side i.e. awful”

Despite the result, our domination of possession did get us somewhere with more shots on target than Cov, including Moxey’s three clear-cut second half chances (I wouldn’t blame him at all for the two he missed. I suppose the right-foot volley actually comes in the “off target” column). I’m more than happy with the new footballing philosophy, the problem is we just keep giving goals away!


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  1. Can’t agree more with the progress and new footballing philosophy. We have taken Swansea’s boring keep-ball football of last season a step forward and started to create some patchy entertaining stuff and some half decent chances.
    If there is any dollars left in the kitty at all a must is an experienced centre-half to plat alongside Barker. you know the type … Mackay … McGrath … Stimac ?
    I’m supporting Nigel all the way; we are a couple of years ahead of clubs who are still hanging on for an oil-rich benefactor, by stripping the squad and wages down to a managable level. My only concern is that the policy of bringing in hungry young players needs to be balanced with and old head or two.
    C’mon Ewe Rams!

    • Yes, maybe Barker’s lack of pre-season is showing a little. I just hope our fans stick with it, I remember Huddlestone used to get slated for trying to find the pass instead of lumping it…he’ll never get anywhere that lad!
      A good point also about us being ahead of the game in terms of running the club. The problem is that “ambition” often gets confused with “stupidity” and if you steer clear of the latter you get accused of lacking the former! i.e. was it ambitious to sign Luke Varney for ¬£1m on a long contract rumoured to be over five figures a week?

  2. Kennington Ram

    Let’s start a ‘Bring Back Bucko’ campaign?!? He kept Newcastle’s free scoring attackers at bay TWICE last year. Hence at least 6 times better than Villa’s centre backs. You can prove anything with stats though, 83% of all people know that.

    Barks and Leacock will be fine once they’ve got some fitness under their belts. And Breyford looks like the best full back we’ve had in years.

    Keep the faith.

    • Do you know, I actually wrote “never mind MacKay, Stimac etc., just bring back Bucko to win the first ball!”, in response to the Running Ram but I deleted it as not to detract from the other good points he made.

      I also made the point about Bucko and Newcastle to someone at work today!

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