Post Cardiff Thoughts

One of the things we’ve never done is match reports. This is mainly due to the fact that these are widely available everywhere and there’s often not very much you can add by the time Radio Derby and the Sunday papers are finished.

However, without wishing to repeat the obvious, here’s a couple of one liners summing up my own observations from Saturday.

– I’ve slated Luke Varney relentlessly since we signed him. However, fair play to him, he did pretty well on Saturday and was a good shout for MOM. His pace in the channels was certainly a good option for Bailey.

– John Brayford is awesome and is already looking to be a great signing. The fact he looks like one of Shed 7 makes me enjoy him even more.

– If we play a better team than Cardiff all season I’ll be amazed. If they keep that team together including Olofinjana and add Bellamy, I can’t see anyone living with them.

– The new TV’s in the concourse and the new Rams TV channel were shocking. The sound was even worse than normal and the picture looked like a really bad internet connection, which is probably what it was.       

– We need some reinforcements big time. If only to see us to January, we could really use a couple of older heads in the Dickov/Tonge (there’s an idea!) mould. I’m loving the “young, hungry” team but they need some help and Sav quite frankly looked knackered on Saturday.

– My mate Simon likened this all new footballing Rams team to the George Burley side of 2004/05. That ideas got legs and watch out for more comparisons as the season progresses.

C Spaceram


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