Carry On Number 33

With all the talk last season of ‘long term plans’, and ‘stability’, one of the things I started following was Nigel’s progress up the longest-serving manager chart.

With the Premier League starting up today and Martin O’Neil’s resignation last week, I thought I’d have quick check on the latest table.

Of the 92 league managers, Nigel is currently the 33rd longest-serving (with Silly, annoyingly, still sitting 1 place above him by 7 days).

Impressively, ex Ram, Paul Trollope is 7th at Bristol Rovers.

We’ll continue to track this throughout the season and it will be interesting to see if Nigel can breach the top 20 come May.

Check out the full list here –

C Spaceram


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  1. the running ram

    24 hours later . . . Another one bites the dust! Blackwell out, Nigel’s moving on up.

  2. Steve Nicholson managed to drag your story out over a full page in his column in Tuesday’s Derby Telegraph!

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