Jordan and the Duke reunited

Browsing through the Championship in and outs yesterday I noticed that Jordan Stewart had left Sheffield United to join Greek side Skoda Xanthi. The name seemed familiar, where had I heard that before? Then I remembered, Nathan Ellington had also joined them from Watford earlier in the year. The third time the pair had been at the same club together yet never under the same manager.There’s two possible explanations for this 1) the two are good friends 2) they share an

"Fancy Greece this summer Duke?"

agent. Friendship can only get you so far so 2) seems the most likely reason. If so, this goes some way to explaining how Stewart ended up with the Rams. From the outside, Jagger

seemed overly reliant on agents to source new signings (Villa, Sterjovski, Kazmierczak and Zadkovich all spring to mind as players that we probably didn’t scout); it was also well know that Jagger was keen on signing Ellington for a while. I can just imagine “…while you’re on Paul, Jordan is a bit unsettled at the moment and I’m sure I could

"Sod it, let's just stay there"

persuade him if the money’s right…”

Both players are still under 30, yet Xanthi are a lower-table side with

a capacity of just over 7,000. Either Xanthi, unlike the rest of Greece, have some cash; or both players have already made a tidy sum during their playing careers.

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