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Deadline Day Prelude

Twas the night before deadline day and all the fans moan,
Nothing has happened, not even a loan.

As far as I can see this is what could happen tomorrow :-

Hulse to QPR
Bueno in from Valladolid
Le Fondre in from Rotherham
Davies in from Notts
Wood in from WBA

Can’t wait to see how it pans out.


Dave Martin – victim of the formation?

If Dave Martin was ever going to get a chance to play, you’d think it would be now. His most direct competitor, Stephen Pearson, is injured for the foreseeable future, whilst the rest of our attacking options are diminishing week by week. Yet despite all this, Dave Martin is yet to play a single minute of competitive football this season.

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Ground Control to Major Tom

I can’t remember being more gutted and frustrated after a game than after Saturdays defeat to Coventry. Having passed them off the pitch and created enough chances to win the game comfortably, we were undone by percentage football and, to be fair,  some rank bad defending. Now I know how Arsenal fans must feel after getting mugged at Stoke, Bolton etc. Read the rest of this entry

Three post-Coventry texts

The Coventry result was a real disappointment and no doubt raised a few debates between football purists and pragmatists. I received three post-match texts (not all from Rams fans) all on a familiar theme: Read the rest of this entry

Blackpool – Not the new Derby

During the summer, there were more than a few people suggesting that  Blackpool could be “the new Derby”. They’d scraped into the Play-off’s and then spent next-to-nothing over the summer; it didn’t bode well for a Premier League campaign. By ten-to-five on Saturday evening, on the back of just one result, many of the Rams’ 2007/8 records looked safe for another year. Here’s some stats: Read the rest of this entry

Post Cardiff Thoughts

One of the things we’ve never done is match reports. This is mainly due to the fact that these are widely available everywhere and there’s often not very much you can add by the time Radio Derby and the Sunday papers are finished.

However, without wishing to repeat the obvious, here’s a couple of one liners summing up my own observations from Saturday. Read the rest of this entry

Carry On Number 33

With all the talk last season of ‘long term plans’, and ‘stability’, one of the things I started following was Nigel’s progress up the longest-serving manager chart.

With the Premier League starting up today and Martin O’Neil’s resignation last week, I thought I’d have quick check on the latest table.

Of the 92 league managers, Nigel is currently the 33rd longest-serving (with Silly, annoyingly, still sitting 1 place above him by 7 days).

Impressively, ex Ram, Paul Trollope is 7th at Bristol Rovers.

We’ll continue to track this throughout the season and it will be interesting to see if Nigel can breach the top 20 come May.

Check out the full list here –

C Spaceram

Jordan and the Duke reunited

Browsing through the Championship in and outs yesterday I noticed that Jordan Stewart had left Sheffield United to join Greek side Skoda Xanthi. The name seemed familiar, where had I heard that before? Then I remembered, Nathan Ellington had also joined them from Watford earlier in the year. The third time the pair had been at the same club together yet never under the same manager. Read the rest of this entry

Are Derby the new Crewe?

On the eve of Crewe vs. Derby in the Carling Cup, it seems an apt time to pose the question. Various role models have been suggested for Championship teams aspiring to get into the Premier League and establish themselves. The most common role model used to be Charlton although that idea seems less popular nowadays for some reason. You could also “do a Bolton” – ugly football with foreign players; or a Stoke – ugly football with English players. Or you could go for a Portsmouth. Nigel Clough’s new look Derby resemble a role model of a different kind – Crewe Alexandra Read the rest of this entry

Clough keeps it skinny

After missing all of pre-season due to holiday, one of my first jobs was to check on the Rams squad numbers to see what hints there were for the coming season. For the first time in as far as I can remember, the squad is “virtually fat free”. Read the rest of this entry