Five DCFC Thoughts

Its been a bit quiet to say the least on the Rams front of late, but now the World Cup is over I think we’ll see a significant increase in domestic activity. Hopefully the Rams will get fully embroiled! Pending that, here’s five thoughts on recent Rams activity.

– Last week Jay Mac signed for Barnsley continuing a rich heritage of ex Rams who have continued their career with the Tykes. Brian McCord, Rob Kozluk, John Macken, Ashley Ward and (past his sell by date) Big Dave. Has anyone thought to offer them Varney?

– I tweeted recently that I really hope the new kit is similar to Germany’s. Looking at the teasers, it seems it’s a cross between that and our first Adidas kit from the relegation season (which was ironically the best). As awesome as that will be, we are definitely now in Celtic/Barcelona territory where every kit is going to be pretty much the same each year.

– Billy Sharp recently signed for Donny for £1.1m. Was that a chance missed, especially as Hooper looks increasingly unlikely? Time will tell, but we certainly don’t have any strikers in his mould. Which leads to…

– Fact or Spin? – I can’t decide whether Commons and Steve Davies are like new signings or if this is spin put out by the club, as we have yet to sign a striker. Certainly if both stay fit we will have significant additional firepower over last season, but will either score 20 goals? No.  

– Tactics – I predict Nigel may have another go at a Spain/Barcelona/Blackpool 4-3-3 formation. Last time we tried this, it ended up being a really negative 4-5-1 and he got slated for it. However with Cwyka, Commons & Davies around, you can see it having more chance of working out. I think we will at least see the Rams trial this in pre season.

C Spaceram


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  1. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to Davies being “like a new signing” all over again in January or whenever it is his knees stop being made of jelly

    • Its a real shame mate. As I tweeted the other day, his body just is not made for Professional Football. His contracts up at the end of the season, so I guess that might be that.

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