Rams squad announced…or is it?

As I’m about to go on holiday for a month, I thought I’d try to bang up one final post before I left. With nothing much happening I looked to the official site for inspiration. I thought I’d hit the jackpot “Rams Squad Details Announced” said the headline. Bingo! Plenty to write about here: Would Crofty have a squad number? Would Varney? How about the new pros?Let’s see who’s close to the first-team; is Mitch Hanson still alive?

Rams squad pre-season training...no, honestly

Imagine my disappointment to see that the story was actually saying that the “Young Rams” (nee Junior Rams) had been re-branded as the “Rams Squad”. Surely some scope for confusion here across the course of the season, not to mention further misleading headlines such as “Rams Squad coach leaves at 12” (cue disappointed autograph hunters), “Rams Squad Christmas party details revealed” (no players there), “Nonce arrested for grooming Rams Squad!” (ok, you get the gist, I’ll leave it there).

With the new blog format, I might be able to add a couple of posts over the next few weeks but I’ll see how it goes. Either way, my brother will still be posting.

s spaceram

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