A few things to ponder

Here are a few things I’ve picked up from Rams stories in the Derby Telegraph over the past couple of weeks:

1) In the story “Commons has a point to prove”, Kris Commons says he would like to

Carry us back to the half-way line will you Gaz?

“perhaps play 30 to 35 games” next season. Bearing in mind a normal season nowadays is around 50 matches including the cup, how fit is Kris Commons? We’re not talking about Paul McGrath or even Robbie Savage here but someone who should be in his peak years

and starting when fit.

2) Clue’s about who Clough wants and who he doesn’t can often be

Taxi for Croft!

found in his discussions of the squad. In the story “Clough in no rush to add to squad”, Tom Glick said that a right-sided midfielder is a priority and Clough added “We’ve got players

who can play there – the likes of Steve Davies, Tomasz Cywka and Paul Green –”. Not good news for Lee Croft. Equally as curious was Clough’s inclusion of Luke Varney in the list of strikers we had…although the exact quote was “Rob Hulse and Luke Varney make the six up” which could be interpreted as ominous for Hulse!

3) Finally, on the subject of Miles Addison, Clough tells us “”Miles is in the gym, which is

Miles Addison - May 2011

where he is going to be for about the next 11 months,”. How big is Addison going to be after that?

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