World Cup Chatter

After both of us have previously had digs at those only interested in football at World Cup time, I can now categorically say that the world (or at least the office) is a far brighter place when everyone is interested in footie.Everyone is happy to talk football: no more awkward conversations trying to make small talk (“how was your weekend?” “I’m a bit hoarse from shouting ZOO TIME at the Mystery Jets”, “oh, right…”); no more funny looks if the Hull Fan At Work and I are discussing whether an ex-member of Hull’s coaching staff formerly coached at Bury or Rochdale. Almost everyone is happy to discuss any given aspect of any game, with club politics generally swept aside for a month.

There have been a couple of times when I’ve just kept my mouth shut – not because I’m annoyed but just don’t want to dampen peoples enthisiasm by sounding like a smart arse. An example was a conversation before the England match where someone was saying “Look at New Zealand, they won yet they’re not even professionals”. It would have been churlish to say “well, they didn’t actually win and New Zealand have professional clubs in the A-League, as well as loads of players in Europe”. What would have been the point of that?

I have a mate in Korea who, by his own admission, knows nothing about footie and really doesn’t want to. He sent me an email today recounting a conversation between him and his girlfriend:

“Joo [his girlfriend] asks me questions I can’t answer or I can answer but one follow up question will push me over the edge!

Although, my favourite comment from Joo was about the kit colour. She was annoyed that the Koreans (known here, unorigininally, as the Red Devils) were playing in blue. I explained every team has 2 kits.

J: Why?

B: so if another team has a similar colour, you won’t have 2 teams playing in the same colour.

J: why don’t they all just have different colours

B: how would they organise that?

J: Just let each country choose

B: half of them would want to be red, so who gets it?

J: when they draw the balls for the groups, they should give them a kit colour at the same time

B: genius


He also attached a link to the legendary Fast Show sketch for those that didn’t get the punchline:

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