Club v Country – Part 2 – a corporate view

I’ve got a fair to decent white-collar job with an above average amount of responsibility/pressure. However, like most football enthusiasts, where required, I tend to base the majority of my activities around the Rams fixture list.

Clearly this is not something you can always make public in the corporate world, to avoid claims of lack of commitment or needing to look at your priorities. I remember one very significant out of hours management meeting earlier this year where I pointed out for weeks that “I had something on I couldn’t change”, “any other day, you know I’d stay all night as required” and “I’ve got to be away for 18.30 latest -sorry”. The event in question was the midweek Derby v Newcastle game.

Moving a touch down the corporate ladder into general office conversation, it’s fairly normal for me to greet any mention of a date with comments such as “that’s the day we play Donny away” or “I need to look at that because we’ve got Burnley at home the day after”. Such comments are nearly always greeted, from non footy fans (I work in Leicester, so there’s loads of them in our office), with ‘you sad case’, ‘does your whole life revolve around football?’ and other similarly inane comments. As an aside, I did nail one lady once with the retort “it’s not my problem if you’ve got no order in your life”. You can have that one on me.

These should be fairly familiar scenarios to anyone who is reading this blog. Now lets look at the World Cup and England.

In the last few weeks I’ve had to revolve most meeting discussions around the England group games, which somehow seems perfectly acceptable. In the last day I’ve had a senior player from our biggest supplier (that’s people we spend a bucketload of money with every year) cancel attendance at a customer event, an evening meal, a meeting with our senior team and a customer site visit because of the England v Slovenia game. Unbelievably, he thinks that’s ok.

If I cancelled a similar program of events for, lets say, a Derby v Leicester midweek game, everyone would be outraged and my file would have more black marks on it than BP’s ‘green’ policy.

Again moving back down the food chain, people who have not been to a live footy match for years/ever  are suddenly quoting England fixture dates, discussing team selection and asking me daily if “I watched the match” or if I am “enjoying the world cup” ??!??!

Don’t get me wrong, as per the previous post, I love watching the World Cup and really hope England do well. But I can’t deny there’s a small part of me that will enjoy all the fake gloom if/when we/they get knocked out.

Right, got to go and re-arrange that August 10th appointment now, so I  can make it to Gresty Road in time.

C Spaceram


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