No escaping the World Cup

I didn’t really have the buzz for the World Cup until last week. It might have been the premature flag waving or just too much press about players I have no interest in. All this

Just like Christmas decorations, this sight gets earlier every year

changed with the works sweepstake last week. Someone started an unfounded rumour that I would be organising it and before I knew it, people were asking “is it done yet? when are we having the draw?” It seems someone had to do it and I was the obvious candidate in the eyes of everyone  else. I didn’t argue, like Bucko with a cracked rib, I just steamed in and got on with it.

There are 32 teams in the World Cup but only 20 odd staff in our area, so I split the teams into 16 pairs, trying to have a good team and weak team or two average ones. There are prizes for first, second and last; so this method should keep everyone in the running for a while at least. Within seconds of cutting the A4 into strips, people were heading down the corridor for a lucky dip.

I tried to explain that the method wasn’t exactly scientific but the Hull Fan At Work will no doubt question my pairings. In the spirit of World Cup bonhomie he said “no, I appreciate you organizing it” but only seconds later I could hear “bloody Serbia and Paraguay! Which team is the good one here then?” in an East Ridings accent. (Other stinkers included Australia + Ghana and USA + Greece. Please accept my apologies).

Now elevated in status to World Cup expert, I was suddenly offering an opinion for free (to quote Mike Skinner) on the merits or otherwise of any given nation. Now the World Cup charts are up and bets are on. For the record, my pairing was Holland and Japan.

For me, the festivities properly start on Saturday with an invite to a celebration of the Great Football Giveaway. A charity mentioned on ramspace before but worth checking out if you’ve not come across it before .

S Spaceram


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  1. Thanks very much, much appreciated.

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