Non-League Nigel Part Three – Ben Pringle

The final part in the short three part series. After this its onto the World Cup and beyond…

Ben Pringle

Of the three non-league signings, Ben Pringle is the youngest and has made the biggest

Jagger binned the Pringle DVD due to the Ilkeston postmark

step up. Ilkeston were not even in the Conference North when Pringle was there but were being promoted from the Northern Premier League. Pringle has been in and around the first team squad for the whole season with starts at the beginning and end (Rotherham and Cardiff). Unlike Deeney and Buxton, Pringle was signed for the future so any first team involvement was a great achievement.

The value of Pringle’s signing can be seen when compared to other young players signed in recent years, for example Ruben Zadkovich and Aleksander Prijovic. Slightly older than Pringle, Zadkovich was a far more glamorous signing; a young Australian who could develop, fresh from the Olympics and on the verge of the full squad. Pringle has already made 6 appearances compared to the 7 made by Zadkovich before being yet another Jewell signing to be paid off.

In the case of Prijovic, he was signed for an undsclosed “compensation” fee from Parma after making one Paris Simmons style substitute appearance in the last game of the 2007/8 season. It would have taken a decent wage to tempt a young player to make an international move but he never once appeared in the matchday squad.

Good value compared to…

The aforementioned duo. The moral of the story here is that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the world.


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