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You heard it here first

As I was writing yesterdays piece, I was thinking “am I reading too much into things here?Am I just speculating because there’s nothing else to talk about in close season?”, so I felt a mild buzz of vindication when my Dad texted me to tell me that Lee Croft had joined Huddersfield for six months.

In other news, I see Liam Dickinson has signed for Barnsley. The intriguing part of the story was Barnsley manager Mark Robins’ qoute:

“”He fits into what we are trying to do here both on and off the pitch.”

Barnsley parade their close season signings

Given the rumours surrounding Dicko’s spell at Derby, what exactly are Barnsley trying to achieve off the pitch? Is it part of a “Official Barnsley FC stag weekend” initiative or maybe “upgrade your season ticket and meet the players post match, at least one squad member guaranteed until 2am”. Other players rumoured to be targeted by Barnsley include Jimmy Bullard and Bob Malcolm with Gazza joining the coaching staff.


A few things to ponder

Here are a few things I’ve picked up from Rams stories in the Derby Telegraph over the past couple of weeks:

1) In the story “Commons has a point to prove”, Kris Commons says he would like to

Carry us back to the half-way line will you Gaz?

“perhaps play 30 to 35 games” next season. Bearing in mind a normal season nowadays is around 50 matches including the cup, how fit is Kris Commons? We’re not talking about Paul McGrath or even Robbie Savage here but someone who should be in his peak years

and starting when fit.

2) Clue’s about who Clough wants and who he doesn’t can often be

Taxi for Croft!

found in his discussions of the squad. In the story “Clough in no rush to add to squad”, Tom Glick said that a right-sided midfielder is a priority and Clough added “We’ve got players

who can play there – the likes of Steve Davies, Tomasz Cywka and Paul Green –”. Not good news for Lee Croft. Equally as curious was Clough’s inclusion of Luke Varney in the list of strikers we had…although the exact quote was “Rob Hulse and Luke Varney make the six up” which could be interpreted as ominous for Hulse!

3) Finally, on the subject of Miles Addison, Clough tells us “”Miles is in the gym, which is

Miles Addison - May 2011

where he is going to be for about the next 11 months,”. How big is Addison going to be after that?

World Cup Chatter

After both of us have previously had digs at those only interested in football at World Cup time, I can now categorically say that the world (or at least the office) is a far brighter place when everyone is interested in footie. Read the rest of this entry

Club v Country – Part 2 – a corporate view

I’ve got a fair to decent white-collar job with an above average amount of responsibility/pressure. However, like most football enthusiasts, where required, I tend to base the majority of my activities around the Rams fixture list.

Clearly this is not something you can always make public in the corporate world, to avoid claims of lack of commitment or needing to look at your priorities. I remember one very significant out of hours management meeting earlier this year where I pointed out for weeks that “I had something on I couldn’t change”, “any other day, you know I’d stay all night as required” and “I’ve got to be away for 18.30 latest -sorry”. The event in question was the midweek Derby v Newcastle game. Read the rest of this entry

England v USA in Lego

I don’t normally go for these viral things, but this is so clever and funny I thought it was worth a post.


Club versus Country

As I mentioned last week, I watched the England match at a celebration event for The Great Football Giveaway. A lovely house in the idyllic Wiltshire countryside; a stone vessel of Pimms; fridge full of beer; and wine from well above knee-level in the supermarket. To be honest, I don’t think you’d find many of those wines even in the supermarket.

With England leading one nil approaching half-time, the Jackal turned and said “this is just boring isn’t it?” (meaning the match, not the event I must add). Read the rest of this entry

No escaping the World Cup

I didn’t really have the buzz for the World Cup until last week. It might have been the premature flag waving or just too much press about players I have no interest in. All this

Just like Christmas decorations, this sight gets earlier every year

changed with the works sweepstake last week. Someone started an unfounded rumour that I would be organising it and before I knew it, people were asking “is it done yet? when are we having the draw?” It seems someone had to do it and I was the obvious candidate in the eyes of everyone  else. I didn’t argue, like Bucko with a cracked rib, I just steamed in and got on with it. Read the rest of this entry

Paul Jewell Rumour

Just when Jagger thought all his skeletons were long out the closet, rumour has it his much touted appointment at Plymouth is being delayed due to the imminent disclosure of a lovechild.

Sorry Paul, but it’s clearly in the public interest we spill the beans. Thought Jagger had no Plan B? Think again.

 Apologies to Tom Campesino who I blatantly stole this idea from after I saw it on Twitter.

C Spaceram

Non-League Nigel Part Three – Ben Pringle

The final part in the short three part series. After this its onto the World Cup and beyond…

Ben Pringle

Of the three non-league signings, Ben Pringle is the youngest and has made the biggest

Jagger binned the Pringle DVD due to the Ilkeston postmark

step up. Ilkeston were not even in the Conference North when Pringle was there but were being promoted from the Northern Premier League. Pringle has been in and around the first team squad for the whole season with starts at the beginning and end (Rotherham and Cardiff). Unlike Deeney and Buxton, Pringle was signed for the future so any first team involvement was a great achievement. Read the rest of this entry

Non-League Nigel Part Two – Jake Buxton

The original plan for Jake was to be a squad man for cover. He was given a one-year contract and was given the chance to try and force his way into the first team squad.

Jake - about to put a Forest player on his arse

However, due to injuries, he was in the starting line-up for the first game of the season and went to start 24 matches – it might have been more had he not suffered injuries himself. Read the rest of this entry