Superstar DJ, Here We Go !!!!!

Five thoughts on this week’s fantastic action at the City Ground:-

1) Watching as a neutral you’d have thought a Blackpool goal was coming for long periods before it did. As a seasoned viewer of teams managed by Billy Davies, the game seemed to be reverting to type. That is, Billy’s team get largely outplayed by a better side but stay organised, ride their luck and pinch the win. Which leads nicely to.

2) Lee Camp – In 2004/2005 Campy had had a fantastic season for the Rams only to drop a pivotal howler in injury time of the 1st leg defeat at PNE. Most Rams fans would say he was never the same after this and it was definitely the start of the end of his Rams career. Lets see how he reacts to gifting Blackpool their opener last night. History repeating would be nice.

3) Why did Skysports constantly refer to the 28,000 crowd as ‘huge’? As all Rams fans will know, this is derisory.

4) There is no doubt that our victory over the Red Dogs completely de-railed their season. Undefeated away from home up to that point, only 2 points scored thereafter on their travels. Couple this with Billy’s ludicrous “Clough kicked me” allegations and the feel bad factor around their lack of January spend and its a fact it all went wrong from Rob Hulse’s glorious header onwards.

5) No disrespect to Barks, but DJ Campbell needs to ask for a re-count on our player of the year vote.  He’d walk it!

C Spaceram

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