The End of the Journals

The final Journals of Derventio entry taken from Ramspace’s previous incarnation:

So, after four seasons, getting on for 1,000 entries and two books, the Journals of Derventio is no more as of the end of the 2009/10 season.

The first thing to say is that Ramspace will continue and at some point in the next couple of weeks, a new site will appear at the same address. The reasons for the Journals finishing and the new site beginning are much the same. Currently, I update the Journals three or four times a week. Due to more family commitments, I have less time to do so but also miss more matches and have fewer pre and post match outings, which have all fed into the Journals over the years. At the same time, hits have continued to creep up and I feel more pressure to update the site, despite having less material to draw from.

The main Ramspace site is maintained by my brother, who also has less time on his hands. In the current format, what can appear the simplest of updates takes time to correctly format and post.

The good news is that our new site uses a professional blog set-up that has all manner of facilities built in that will enable us to update, archive, categorise and generally administrate the website at the touch of a button. We will both be able to update instantly, post articles instantly and not worry about any site maintenance. This will mean, in a nutshell, a better looking site that is easier to navigate and has more regular updates (assuming that each of us posts once or twice a week).

I’ll be taking a break in May whilst I get on with a few jobs I’ve been putting off although I will be chipping in with some end-of-season and season review pieces.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch over the past few years, especially those who have chipped in from time to time with news and observations. Once the new site gets up and running, they will be plenty of scope to get involved again, so please keep in touch.

Now I’m off to give my brain a rest and think about who to support in the World Cup…

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