Post Match Bullets – Wigan Youth Team

Like most Derby fans, I woke up on Sunday full of the joys of DCFC and was all set to write a significant piece on the demolition of Blackpool. However an early trip to visit in laws in London (& the after effects of 8 hours post match celebration) curtailed my plan.

However with a day off work today, there’s no such issues reporting on last nights Youth cup win over Wigan and providing an insight into this years crop of Rams youngsters. Read the rest of this entry

A Shift Up Through The Gears

It’s a well worn phrase to say “a week’s a long time in football”. Indeed with the soap opera nature of modern football, a week can sometimes seem like a heartbeat as clubs make multi million pound decisions on a whim (normally off the back of a bad defeat, a player/manager fallout or a bit of fan abuse) and one win later all is forgotten, until the next time.

With Nigel Clough at the helm for the last five years and the fact we have never had a foreign “sugar daddy” throwing his millions around, Derby County have been somewhat shielded from that. However in all of my time as a Rams fan, I can’t recall such a shift in gear as we have seen in the last 6 weeks since Clough left. Read the rest of this entry

QPR – Post Match Bullets

On Saturday, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day down in London culminating in watching the Rams narrow defeat to QPR.

Although we lost and both goals were absolutely avoidable, there were plenty of positives for the Rams. Here are my thoughts on the proceedings at Loftus Road. Read the rest of this entry

New Boys – Andre Wisdom

Although he’s yet to pull on a Rams shirt, there seems to be universal positive response to the season long loan of England U-21 captain Andre Wisdom.

Herewith the lowdown on Andre direct from Merseyside:- Read the rest of this entry

Nigel Clough Leaves Derby County – Ramspace Comment

Last nights shock sacking of Nigel Clough has left Rams fans divided and conveniently overshadowed the desperately disappointing defeat to Forest which, ultimately, cost him his job.

When I say ‘shock’, I have to say I am not at all surprised that this has happened (see my the Untouchable One article 2 weeks ago) but the timing and manner of the dismissal was not at all “Derby County” and you have to say Clough deserved a bit better.

Read the rest of this entry

A big week for the Rams…decisions, decisions

It is fair to say that despite an okay league placing and some great results this season, there is ,as usual, plenty of criticism of Clough at present. Mainly due to the 20,000+ home fans not seeing too much to be optimistic about so far. This week won’t affect the season too much but its massive in terms of the general mood and goodwill towards Clough – Forest away next Saturday and geographically close non-rivals Leicester in the Cup on Tuesday. Can Clough afford to rest players for Tuesday? What would we think if we won after 120 minutes in the Cup only to be trounced by the Red Dogs?

Read the rest of this entry

The Untouchable One (?)

At the time of writing Nigel Clough is the fifth longest serving manager in English football.

Over the 4 years and 228 days (as of today) Nigel has been our manager there is no doubt there were numerous occasions where he could easily have been sacked and probably would have been at most other clubs. Indeed he has often been described as “untouchable” by people inside and outside DCFC circles.

Having pondered our start to the season over the last week, I have started to wonder if this is still the case. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Bullets – Burnley

The Rams went into yesterday’s game on a tidal wave of positivity on the back of two thumping wins, knowing that another one would have landed us firmly in the top 6 going into the international break.

With no league wins at Pride Park this season and no wins against Burnley anywhere since 2007, even the law of averages suggested a DCFC win. Here’s my thoughts on where it all went belly up. Read the rest of this entry

Style Plus Substance Equals Success

With three wins out of three on the road for the Super Rams so far this season, it would be a natural conclusion to assume we have become “a tougher nut to crack” or have learnt how to better “manage games” away from home.

However widespread reports of “beating Brighton at their own game” and “passing Yeovil to death” would suggest we’re basing our promotion bid on a different way of winning. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Bullets – Leicester

Yesterday was one of those horrible home defeats you get sometimes in the Championship (think Hull & Ipswich last season) where a team comes with a game plan, puts everyone behind the ball for the majority of the game but DCFC just don’t quite have the quality or get the break to break them down.

Many teams will come to PP intending on stopping us rather than doing anything themselves, so we need to learn quick how to solve this one and get our home form on track. Herewith my thoughts on the game.

Read the rest of this entry


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